マイ・ハウス / フロ・リダ My House / Flo Rida

By ぶるー3, 2016年2月5日

■ 2016年2月13日付け 最新ビルボードチャート Top10

1位  ↑ Love Youself / Justin Bieber
2位 ↓ Sorry / Justin Bieber
3位  ↑ Stressed Out / Twenty One Pilots
4位  ↓ Hello / Adele
5位  ↑ My House / Flo Rida
6位  ↑ Roses / The Chainsmokers Featuring ROZES
7位  ↑ Hands To Myself / Selena Gomez
8位  ↓ Same Old Love / Selena Gomez
9位  新 Work / Rihanna Featuring Drake
10位  ↓  Here / Alessia Cara


2016年2月13日付け ビルボードチャート 第5位の

My House / Flo Rida】の歌詞です。
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英語 ブログランキングへ

Open up the champagne, pop!
It’s my house, come on, turn it up

Hear a knock on the door and the night begins
Cause we done this before so you come on in
Make yourself at my home, tell me where you been
Pour yourself something cold, baby, cheers to this

Sometimes you gotta stay in
And you know where I live
Yeah, you know what we is
Sometimes you gotta stay in, in

Welcome to my house
Baby take control now
We can even slow down
We don’t have to go out
Welcome to my house
Play that music too loud
Show me what you do now
We don’t have to go out
Welcome to my house
Welcome to my house

Morning comes and you know that you wanna stay
Close the blinds, let’s pretend that the time has changed
Keep our clothes on the floor, open up champagne
Let’s continue tonight, come on, celebrate



Welcome to my duck off the crib, the spot, the pad
But my house is your house if you throwin’ it back
Excuse me if my home bringing the sad,
Soon as these happy faces land you can run with the cash
Homerun, slam dunk, touchdown, pass
Mi casa es tu casa so it ain’t no holding back
Another shot of vodka, you know what’s in my glass
It’s my house, just relax


Welcome to my house
It’s my house




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英語 ブログランキングへ


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